Ripple Matrix – FAQs

Why can't I buy a certain license, style, or accessory?

To broaden our offering, we have to offer certain styles. Part of our weekly and monthly updates will include expansion of our product line. Check back often to see what new products we have!

Are your products POD or screen printed?

Wow, have times changed! We continually keep a close eye on how to improve our printing process and provide great products on a consistent basis. So much so, that we have a team dedicated to ensuring we are creating top-notch apparel using advanced technology. Can we screen print? Absolutely, but we have found that our new machines we have available to us can provide you with high quality apparel.

Leveraging modern sustainability methods, the technology for our POD products allows for the least amount of product waste compared to other methods, while keeping quality high. Additionally, our speed to market for orders has increased significantly. All-in-all, we use industry-leading machines and processes which results in a better product at faster speeds.

Why do you offer different products on the retail site?

Our retail site is separate from our wholesale site. We make different decisions on what we stock on our retail website. We also want to ensure wholesale partners can have access to designs and styles not available on the retail site.

Why can’t I just email the order or order over the phone?

We’ve moved everything to our new portal. The only way to place an order is through the website, which will automatically send your order to our production team.

Do you have a catalog?

We do – it’s online! We do not have a physical catalog right now.

I used to have credit with RJ – why don’t I have credit anymore?

Credit is available. We have certain criteria you need to meet to be qualified. We can start that conversation with our accounting department if you’d like!

Why am I seeing retail prices?

Either you’re not logged in, or your registration is still pending.

Can I use my own freight provider/account?

You may use your own freight provider. We can only accept UPS and FedEx Ground at this point. We’ll need your carrier’s information at the time of order. If you’re a new customer, there’s an additional step in the setup process to get your freight account set up properly.

Will the cost of my shipping change? Will we be reinvoiced or credited if the shipping cost is different?

We have live rates on the website. What shows up on the website and order reflects what the actual shipping costs are.

Where is my order shipping from?

We have 2 shipping facilities in Miami, FL and El Paso, TX. Based on your ship-to location, your order will ship from one of these 2 facilities.

If you have any additional questions about sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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